Core Curriculum

Our curriculum targets students at their own developmental stage, building confidence, resilience, collaboration and independence.

At Tobruk Street Primary School we believe children arrive at school with varied knowledge and experiences of the world around them. They are ready to engage and create in different ways; a self directed, purposeful, challenging and collaborative curriculum is essential to their development.

We have a focus on the core curriculum areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing and Mathematics on a daily basis. Our curriculum targets students at their own developmental stage, building confidence, resilience, collaboration and independence.

To ensure students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and dispositions of 21st century learners we offer a developmental play based learning approach in the junior school and an inquiry, project based curriculum in the middle and senior school.

We value and develop

  • Creativity, innovation and individual talents

  • Thinking and problem solving

  • Team work and collaboration

  • Learner confidence and resilience

  • Technological skills through safe and secure use of technology

Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy are core learning areas at Tobruk Street Primary School. Daily literacy and numeracy blocks occur in every classroom. Programs include:

  • Daily uninterrupted literacy and numeracy sessions

  • Instruction based on data and what the student can do

  • Rigorous feedback and assessment

  • Record keeping

  • Intervention programs – extra support for students ‘at risk’ and home school support


Technology Integration within the Curriculum

Technology is immersed as a learning tool for teachers and students across the school. The use of interactive whiteboards, desktop computers, netbooks and I-Pads are used safely to enhance learning opportunities and collaborate locally and globally.

Digital Excellence

Digital Excellenc is an online motivational, personalised learning approach. It is used to accelerate individual student’s learning in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) from Early Years through to Year 9. This program aims to raise standards in ICT teaching and learning.
Students move through particular topics related to ICT and achieve badges and certificates. The school computer lab is used to offer this program to students.

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Mathletics offers our students the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy maths and improve their knowledge, skills and results. Mathletics offers engaging learning opportunities for students from Prep to Yr 12 curriculum.
Students participate in mathematic tasks at their own level and pace. The program is individualised and allows students to achieve certificates of achievement.
The program is used to personalise mathematics teaching and learning in classrooms and can be accessed at home too. Students are provided with a unique password and access to the site is safe.

Go to the Mathletics website

Reading Eggs and Eggspress

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for students, with great online reading games and activities.
Students love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning.
Reading Eggs is access by a unique student username and code. The program is used to support classroom learning and can be accessed safely by students at home.

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School excursions are arranged at reasonable intervals during the year to enable students to have hands on experiences. Care is taken to ensure there are educational objectives in the excursions and that follow up lessons occur at school.