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Asthma sufferers must have medication on hand at school for use when necessary. Asthma sufferers require an Asthma Management Plan to be provided to the school from their doctor.


The school requires students to attend school every day. In the event of sickness or special circumstances the Department of Education requires parents to notify the school. Absence notes are available from the school office or parents can call the school.

Emergency Contact

For every student in the school, emergency contact details are on file. This enables contact with the parent or their agent in the case of illness or injury. Parents are asked to contact the school without delay of any changes to their emergency contact, addresses or telephone numbers.

Infectious diseases

The Victorian Government publishes an Infectious Diseases Exclusion Table (see link below) and parents must comply with the conditions therein. Please inform the school if your child contracts an infectious disease.

With the introduction of Immunisation Certificates, students not immunised against a particular disease will be excluded whenever that disease is found in the school.

See Infectious Diseases Exclusions Table

Medication at school

When a student has recovered from an illness it may be necessary for them to have medication at school. A form is available from the office to fill in authorising staff to administer the medication.


Permissions A - Z

Late Passes & Early Leaver Passes

Students are to report to the school office to obtain a late pass if arriving to school late. Similarly, if you are wishing to collect a student early you are required to obtain an early leavers pass to be given to the classroom teacher when collecting the student. Please follow these procedures to ensure correct attendance data is recorded.

Riding Bikes to School

It is strongly recommended that children under Grade 4 riding bikes/scooters be accompanied by a parent.
Bicycle helmets must be worn by all bicycle and scooter riders.

School Excursions

Parents will be notified in advance (in writing) of any proposed excursion. No child can be taken on an excursion unless written permission and authority to take emergency action in case of illness of injury is received from that child’s parent.