Our Special Programs

Tobruk Street Primary School strives on our ability and enthusiasm to provide individualised programs and curriculum for students.


The school is constantly evolving and developing programs that supports student learning and develops partnerships between families, local community and businesses.
We value feedback from our community and listen to student voice across the school. We evaluate student data closely and develop programs that target specific student needs.


Intervention Programs

Reading Recovery

A daily half hour program in which a trained Reading Recovery teacher works with one child, targeted in Grade 1, who requires extra assistance with understanding the reading and writing relationship.

The aim is to develop effective reading and writing strategies so the child becomes an independent problem solver. Each student is on an individualised program for 20 weeks.

Tucker Signs for Reading

This is a multisensory approach to decoding words.

Children are taught signs to use as a system of 44 hand signs that prompt associations between letters or word chunks and their sounds. Readers see the letter(s), make an sign and say the sound at the same time.

Speech Pathology Assistance Program (SPA)

This program is designed to provide a daily therapy service for those students with speech and language difficulties.

The SPA program uses workplace trained speech pathology assistants (SPAs) to assist a registered speech pathologist in the delivery of therapy sessions. SPAs are usually selected from qualified integration aides already working in the school. Therapy plans are developed by the speech pathologist and are regularly monitored.


Extra - Curricular Learning Experience

Learning Club

Our school had developed a new partnership with Monash University and The Smith Family. Learning Club is offered as an extra curricular learning experience for students in Grade 3-6 on Wednesday’s after school.
Students are paired with an adult learning tutor. Students develop a learning project based on their interests and talents. Guided by the tutor, learning projects must include elements of literacy and mathematics. The Learning Club aims to develop student engagement and learner confidence.
Learning Club concludes with an expo of student learning. Parents and the wider community are invited to view student projects.

After School Care Program


Tobruk St Primary School now provides After School Care services thanks to our partnership with OSHCare 4 Kids! 

After school hours care is available Monday to Friday (during school terms).

After School Care:   3.15pm - 6pm

Curriculum Days:   8am - 6pm

For more information please refer to our information pamplet (Download here).

Health & Physical Education

Physical Education

Specialist Physical Education classes are run at Tobruk Street Primary School. The program caters for all students P-6 and is delivered by a trained physical education teacher. Each class participates in two one hour sessions per week.

We believe that our focus of Physical educations is assisting students to develop fundamental motor skills, cooperation and team work and motivation to actively participate in physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Our aim is for students to exit our school with confidence in all fundamental motor skills, understand what is expected of being part of a team and the health benefits of being involved in physical activity.

Swimming Program

An extensive swimming program is offered to all students during Term 4. The local Indoor Leisure Centre Pool is used.
Students are taught swimming survival skills, water safety awareness and swimming stroke techniques by trained swimming instructors.
The school strongly encourages all students to participate.

Camps and Excursions

Camps and Excursions are part of the curriculum offered at school. Students from Grades 3-6 participate in a camp each year. Camp locations vary according to the curriculum being investigated in classrooms. Camp experiences offer students the ability to develop confidence, relationships, collaboration and team work with others.
Various local excursions are organised by classroom teachers to help support learning. Students can expect to participate in at least two local excursions every year.
Incursions are also provided at school. Two Nexus Arts Performances are arranged every year for students to attend.



Active After Schools Communities

The Australian Active After Schools Communities (AASC) program is a national initiative that provides primary school children with access to free sport and other structured physical activity programs after school.

The program aims to engage students in sport through a positive and fun experience and inspire them to join a local sporting club. The cornerstone of the AASC program is the involvement of the local community in the delivery of the sporting programs. All programs are delivered by trained community and sports coaches.

The AASC program at Tobruk Street Primary Schools runs from 3-4.30pm on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The program is coordinated by the Physical Education teacher and supervised by a qualified integration aide. The program has allowed students to participate in a wide variety of sports including: bocce, tenpin bowling, basketball, baseball, tennis and gymnastics.

Visual Arts

Art Classes

Our school has a large functional art facility allowing all classes to participate in art sessions.

The aim of this program is to develop student creativity, innovation and talents through visual artworks. School art displays are very popular amongst students, teachers, parents and visitors to the school.


Student Leadership

Student Leaders

Senior School and Sports captains are selected by students and teachers every year at the school to encourage and develop leadership skills.

Selected captains represent our school weekly at school assemblies and other school and community events. Student leaders are also responsible for organising school wide events for all students and the school community to participate in.

Junior School Council

A junior school council is currently being developed within the school. The aim of this forum is to allow student voice to be represented across the school and for issues and activities to be organised that promote student action.