Student Wellbeing

We provide an inclusive, respectful, caring and creative environment for students, teachers, parents and the wider community.

Our school povides a friendly atmosphere that we work hard to achieve. We pride ourselves on providing engaging learning environments, optimistic and caring professional staff and a belief that all students can learn. We encourage personal interests, collaboration, resilience and creativity.

Our 5 Core Values

After consultation with our students, staff and parents, Tobruk Street Primary School has adopted the following five values:

  • Respect

  • Caring

  • Responsibility

  • Inclusiveness

  • Optimism


All standards of behaviour are based around our 5 core values and we expect

  • All students in our school have the same rights and responsibilities

  • All students who attend our school are required to follow the school rules

  • All students must accept responsibility for their actions

  • All bullying is unacceptable behaviour at our school


A Safe & Caring Environment

We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment which fosters respect for others. Strategies are developed and implemented that foster clear rights and responsibilities. Actions include:

  • Behaviour Management Strategies that reflect Assertive Discipline and Restorative Justice approaches

  • Close monitoring of attendance and follow up processes

  • Whole school common approaches

  • Reward systems to acknowledge positive classroom and yard behaviour

  • Specific yard rules and consequences

  • School wide communication on engagement & wellbeing through assemblies & school newsletter


Positive Behaviour Motto

Our school motto for positive behaviour is “Catch’em Being Good”. Weekly student behaviour awards focus on a particular positive strategy each week. These awards model to the whole school community appropriate social behaviour. Awards encourage safety, inclusion, cooperation and respect for others and property.
Our “All Day Every Day” motto continues to be a strong message to encourage high attendance at school. 


Student Code of Conduct

A Student Code of Conduct form is to be signed by all parents.

This form clearly outlines unacceptable school behaviour and procedures that will be followed in the event of inappropriate behaviours. Bullying is not accepted at school.